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Welcome! This webpage is for participants in the Texas School Ready Comprehensive-Remote Group.

Learn more about the CLI Engage platform you will use this year: 


CLI Engage Professional Development

CLI Engage Access Link:

This link will take you to the eCIRCLE professional development courses. 

eCIRCLE Professional Development Schedules:


Returning Coaching Grant teachers

eCIRCLE Self-Paced Professional Development Study Guides:

Year 1: Letter Knowledge

Year 2: Math PowerPoint

Additional Professional Development Video Assignments:

Setting Up Your Classroom: Room Arrangement Video 

Classroom Walk-through Teacher Explanation


CLI Engage CIRCLE Progress Monitoring

CLI Engage Access Link:

This link will take you to the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System. 

CLI Engage CIRCLE Progress Monitoring Resources:

Child Progress Monitoring Training for Remote Teachers (Presentation) 

Making the Most of Web Reports Webinar

Making the Most of Web Reports PowerPoint Presentation


Teaching Resources

Sample Daily Schedule with Cognitive Components

Lesson Plan Template

Curriculum Sample Lesson Plan

Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines





Click the buttons below to view the inventory videos for your School Readiness Kits.     

Written Expression

Letter Knowledge


Phonological Awareness

Oral Language



Grant Documents

Letters of Commitment:

Remote Teacher

Remote Administrator

Laptop Acknowledgement Forms:

Video Consent Forms:

Child Video Consent Form - English

Child Video Consent Form - Spanish

Teacher Video Consent Form - English

Teacher Video Consent Form - Spanish

Introduction Call with Administrators/Teachers-Overview