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CLI Engage

Tools and Materials

The tools and materials on this page are available to participants in the Texas School Ready project, but many of them are also available to the general public through third-party vendors. Learn more about each of the tools and materials and where you can download or purchase them yourself. 

CLI Engage

CLI Engage is an online professional development and child progress monitoring system that houses TSR tools and resources for preschool teachers in Texas, through our TSR Online model. Beginning in Fall 2015, access to the TSR Online tools and resources on CLI Engage will be available for free to all Texas public school districts, charter schools, Head Start programs, and former TSR participants. CLI Engage was developed through a partnership between the Children's Learning Institute and the Texas Education Agency. 

The following TSR tools and resources will be available on CLI Engage, beginning Fall 2015: 

Click here to learn more about CLI Engage.

Beginning Education: Early Childcare at Home (BEECH)

BEECH is a comprehensive professional development system specifically designed for home-based child care providers. Through TSR, BEECH is used with home-based child care providers in local communities. Toddler teachers at participating TSR schools are also using the BEECH courses to build their knowledge and skills.

Beginning in Fall 2015, BEECH will be housed within the CLI Engage platform.

CIRCLE Progress Monitoring

Formerly C-PALLS+, CIRCLE Progress Monitoring is used by TSR teachers to track children's progress and provide individualized instruction to help children in group settings and one-on-one. CIRCLE Progress Monitoring is available in English and Spanish. 

Learn more about TSR progress monitoring tools.

CIRCLE Activity Collection

The CIRCLE Activity Collection, formerly titled the CIRCLE Preschool Early Language and Literacy Manual, provides introductory information on language and literacy topics and activities to help teachers put this research-based information into practice. Components include: Best Practices, Language Development, Letter Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Written Expression, Read Aloud, and Mathematics. CIRCLE Manuals can be purchased in English or English with Spanish components from Riot Creative Imaging.

Beginning in Fall 2015, an online version of the CIRCLE Activity Collection will be housed within the CLI Engage platform.

CIRCLE Preschool Foundations Training

The CIRCLE Preschool Foundations Training (formerly known as the CIRCLE Preschool Language and Literacy including Mathematics Training) is an interactive, research-based introduction to the CIRCLE Manual's activities. Components include: Best Practices, Language Development, Letter Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Written Expression, Read Aloud, and Mathematics.

Learn More about the CIRCLE Preschool Foundations Training and how you can schedule a training for your staff.

Classroom Environment Checklist (CEC) Quick Checklist

Teachers and administrators can download the CEC Quick Checklist.

Classroom Start-Up Kit

The Classroom Start-Up Kit, also known as the Positive Beginnings kit, can be purchased from Hatch Early Learning.

Developing Talkers and Hablemos Juntos Kits

The Developing Talkers curriculum (Hablemos Juntos is the Spanish version) was developed by the Children's Learning Institute. Teachers participating in TSR Comprehensive receive this curriculum supplement during their three-year participation. Periodically, TSR offers pre-made Developing Talkers and Hablemos Juntos kits for purchase. Information about these pre-made kits will be posted on the TSR website when the ordering window opens in the future.

Learn more about TSR curriculum and how you can make your own Developing Talkers curriculum supplement.


eCIRCLE professional development courses provide in-depth information on the child development topics introduced in the Two-Day CIRCLE Training. eCIRCLE Modules include Foundations for Responsive Instruction, School-wide Improvement, Early Language and Literacy Instruction, and STEM Instruction. Beginning in Fall 2015, the eCIRCLE professional development courses will be housed within the CLI Engage platform.

Learn more about TSR professional development resources.

ITELG Training

The Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines Training provides introductory information to the Texas Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines. ITELG Training modules include Physical and Motor Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication Development, and Cognitive Development. The ITELG Training modules and supplemental materials, including facilitator guides, participant guides, and handouts, can be downloaded here for free.

School Readiness Kit

The School Readiness Kit can be purchased from Lakeshore Learning. Click through the videos below to learn more about the materials available in the School Readiness Kit.

Written Expression

Letter Knowledge


Phonological Awareness

Oral Language