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CIRCLE Training

CIRCLE Two Day Teacher Training is a two-day program that provides preschool teachers of 3-5-year-old children with an overview of early language and literacy development in young children, and how teachers can use information in the training in their classrooms. CIRCLE Two-Day Trainings are offered through the Children's Learning Institute. 


CIRCLE offers face to face training by certified trainers. The training is based on the most recent scientific research and meets the needs of adult learners. These sessions are interactive and provide fun hands on activities. Upon return to classrooms, participants have a deeper understanding of early literacy development and a wealth of ideas for implementation.


To schedule a CIRCLE Two-Day Training or to request more information, submit a TSR Help Ticket.


CIRCLE Training Content


CIRCLE Training Manuals

The CIRCLE Preschool Early Language and Literacy Manual translates research into practice through a variety of hands-on activities that teachers can implement in their classrooms during large group, small group, centers, and one-on-one instruction. When implementing the activities, we want children to have an optimal learning experience using planful, purposeful, and playful strategies. Children need to be exposed to new concepts multiple times and across a variety of contexts in order to solidify their understanding.


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Would you like to order a CIRCLE Manual? CIRCLE Manuals can be purchased in English or English with Spanish components from Riot Creative Imaging.