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Progress Monitoring Tools

TSR offers progress monitoring for children and teachers. These progress monitoring tools allow teachers to track the progress of the children in their classrooms, providing individualized lesson plans for each child's unique strengths and needs.


Child Progress Monitoring: CIRCLE Progress Monitoring

Teachers participating in Texas School Ready use the results from assessments, observations, anecdotal notes, portfolios and progress monitoring reports to make well-informed and timely decisions about the instructional needs of each child. Based on the immediate feedback from the progress monitoring reports, teachers carefully look at the child’s strengths and needs, plan appropriate lessons, select appropriate materials and activities, and continue to document the child’s growth and development.


TSR uses CIRCLE Progress Monitoring, formerly known as C-PALLS+. Developed by the Children’s Learning Institute, CIRCLE Progress Monitoring generates reports that show children’s progress in rapid vocabulary naming, rapid letter naming, phonological awareness, mathematics, social and emotional development, writing, and book and print knowledge. Teachers use this information to inform instructional planning for whole group, small group and individual lessons.


Progress monitoring data is collected three times during the school year, at the beginning, middle, and end. After each data collection, CIRCLE Progress Monitoring provides information to the teacher about the progress that each student has made. This information is used to plan and adjust instruction based on individual and group needs.


CIRCLE Progress Monitoring includes:

Language & Literacy Screener
Rapid Vocabulary Naming
Rapid Letter Naming
Letter-Sound Correspondence
Phonological Awareness
Book and Print Knowledge
Story Retell & Comprehension
Mathematics Screener
Science, Engineering, & Technology Screener
Social Studies Screener
Approaches to Learning Checklist
Early Writing Checklist
Physical Development & Health Checklist
Social & Emotional Checklist 


Beginning in Fall 2015, CIRCLE Progress Monitoring will be available for free to all Texas public schools, charter schools, and Head Start programs through the CLI Engage platform.


Teacher Progress Monitoring: COT

A significant component of TSR is the Classroom Observation Tool (COT); the COT captures snapshots of a teacher’s behavior and instruction during classroom observation visits that can be used to develop improvement plans and track a teacher’s progress over time. The system is well aligned with the Texas Pre-kindergarten Guidelines and can be used by teachers, school leaders, and intervention specialists to promote effective teaching.


How the COT Helps Improve Instructional Quality

o Item level indicators that are highly targeted and easy to establish as goals for improvement
o A focus on evidence-based teaching behaviors that research has shown improve child outcomes
o Clear procedures and training to ensure consistent implementation, so that teachers do not perceive the data as unfair or biased
o Appropriate design for the children to be observed, ensuring age, linguistic, and cultural appropriateness (e.g., for dual language learners)
o A clear system for tracking and monitoring teacher performance and progress for improvement