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Coaching Counts is a monthly newsletter for TSR coaches and coordinators that offers information on coaching best practices. Throughout the year, the newsletter will focus on important aspects of coaching to continue to help you support early childhood teachers enrolled in TSR.

April Crawford, Ph.D.
April Crawford, Ph.D.
Director, Texas School
Ready! Project

This Month's Playbook

Coaching Collaboration: Discuss. Practice. Reflect.

Remote Control

Remote Teacher Website
Remember to send the Remote Teacher Website link to your remote teachers.  The Remote Teacher Website has all of the information and documents needed by remote teachers.  If teachers are having problems with their camera, progress monitoring, teachscape, or any other aspect of the remote procedure, they can complete a help ticket and CLI staff will provide support.

Training on Web Report
The final progress monitoring module, Making the Most of Web Reports, will be available soon.  Teachers will be invited to join us for a webinar on Thursday, December 12 from 1:00 – 2:00.  This training will explain each web report, how to access reports, and how to use the data from the reports to guide instruction. This training will be recorded and placed on the Remote Teacher Website and on XFiles to be viewed as needed.  Teachers will receive an email with the Adobe Connect link and directions for how to join the webinar.

Ongoing professional development is a necessity for any professional in order to continue developing and increasing skills.  Teachers, nurses, lawyers, doctors, police officers, and child care staff, all are required to engage in ongoing professional development. The Texas School Ready! Project is built on a foundation and belief that coaching is important to increasing teacher’s instructional behaviors. This year we are focusing on ensuring our coaches have the support and skill set needed to build teachers' knowledge and improved classroom practices.  We know that when we support our coaches, we succeed in preparing more children for school!

Between October 2013 and May 2014, Texas School Ready! Managers will be implementing Coaching Collaboration calls with project coordinators and coaches all throughout the state. Coaching Collaboration is a process used to support coaches in becoming more effective and reflective in the coaching process.

Coaching Collaboration has 3 major components

Discuss Practice and Reflect


Coaches will engage in a conversation with other coaches to explore, analyze, and examine a shared experience or viewed resource (video, article, etc.) The goal during the discussion process is to reach a common understanding or agreement on the desired strategy or skill.


The coach will carry out the previously discussed strategy or skill in order to learn or perfect the strategy or skill.  The coach will record the skill demonstration. 


Coaches use the recorded coaching video and reflective coaching call to think critically about beliefs and actions. This process will provide insight to what recently transpired during the recording. The coaching team will ask reflective questions; give corrective feedback, pointers, suggestions, and ideas.  Coaches can then use this information to uncover ways to make immediate adjustment or changes in their coaching strategies and beliefs.

Here are five things to consider in preparing for the Coaching Collaboration calls:

Coaching Collaboration is about improvement not judgment.  It can be challenging to record yourself and invite others to give you feedback.  Even though this is a proven method to improve coaching practice, it can still be difficult to record yourself.  Every great team reviews films of their games; every great writer has a great editor; every great TSR! Teacher has a great coach!


Be sure to review and prepare. Review the Coaching Course on the Teachscape platform.  Think about what skill you are going to demonstrate and record.  Create a plan, and try to implement it!


Set the camera up 20 minutes or so before you are going to start recording. The process of setting up the camera and thinking about the recording can be anxiety provoking.  Set it up right away, engage in some other activities, and then when you are ready to record, just hit start.  This will get you in a more natural place.


During reflection be kind to yourself and others. Remember that this is a difficult job and often occurs in ambiguous environments.  Feedback on yourself and others should be specific and focused on what is happening on the recording.  Try not to get bogged down in superficial items, like what your voice sounds like.


Reflect and plan. Upon reviewing and reflecting on your work. Make a plan.  What specific things will you change or implement?  What are areas you need support in?  Who can give you that support?



  • If you'd like to order copies of the Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelinesclick here for more information on materials and pricing.
  • New TSR! banners for participant schools are coming soon! Look for the banners to be delivered to schools in December and early January.
  • We will be having a contest around the TSR! banners - look for more information coming soon and think of ways to help your schools promote their participation in TSR!
  • Remember to schedule your Collaborative Coaching Call with your project manager.
  • Remember to support your teachers with accessing cPALLS web reports and planning small group instruction with children.
  • Beginning Education: Early Childcare at Home (BEECH) is going strong. Be sure to work with your coordinator to conduct outreach to your local home-based providers participating in BEECH.
  • If you have any questions regarding classroom materials, please contact your assigned project support team member.

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